From idea to launch in ten days

When setting up the Germany4Ukraine aid portal, things had to move quickly. ]init[ Group supported the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) in this task in an agile and user-oriented manner.

Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser informs herself about the project status at a work island at the digitization lab Germany4Ukraine.
At the digitalization lab for the further development of Germany4Ukraine, two people look at the digital prototype of the G4U app.
A woman who fled from Ukraine reports on her impressions upon arrival in Germany. Employees of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and ]init[ listen to her attentively.
Refugees from Ukraine are welcomed with a short presentation at the Digitization Lab for Germany4Ukraine.
A hand points to a poster showing the User Journey of refugees from Ukraine upon their arrival in Germany.

Since the beginning of the war in the spring of 2022, many people from Ukraine have sought refuge in Germany. To enable those affected to better orient themselves in an environment that is often unfamiliar to them, the federal government had to act quickly from the outset.

Within a few days, a central, secure and trustworthy digital contact point was to go online. For this rapid implementation, ]init[ Group drew on our many years of experience in the public sector. With the ]init[ Group's agile way of working, it got the Germany4Ukraine portal up and running so quickly on behalf of the BMI together with its partner Capgemini.

The result is a digital help portal that meets the expectations of refugees and with which BMI has been able to respond to a major social challenge.

The Portal

Accommodation and medical care, work permits or mobility offers - newly arrived people in Germany have many questions. To deliver answers in a clear digital environment, ]init[ Group works in agile structures and flexible teams during implementation. 

Screenshot of the homepage of the Germany4Ukraine portal
Screenshot of the digital support services for refugees from Ukraine on the Germany4Ukraine portal. You can also see the preview of the welcome video with Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser

Thus, within just ten days, ]init[ Group designed the concept, configured the CMS as a CoreMedia satellite of the Press and Information Office of the Federal Government (BPA), and prepared all editorial content in Ukrainian, Russian, English, and German. Since then, the range has been continuously expanded to include new subject areas.

Digitalization labs

The assistance offered is intended to make it easier for people to arrive in Germany and provide them with helpful information and services from entry to everyday life. In order for Germany4Ukraine to deliver suitable offers, it was important for ]init[ Group to survey the target group directly. That's why ]init[ Group gathered feedback from stakeholders in a digitalization lab, which is now being incorporated into further development. Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser and Federal CIO Dr. Markus Richter visited the participants on site.

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Manuela Lorber, Managing Director ]init[ DCP

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