About ]init[ Digital Communication Portugal Services for the eSociety​

]init[ DCP has been founded by ]init[ Group in November 2023 as a dedicated tech and agile hub in Porto. We believe that technology can be a powerful force for good in the world. That’s why we use our expertise in digital solutions to create positive impact for ]init['s Group clients, our communities, and our planet. Our vision: a society that moves forward with digitalization - the eSociety.

image of people working in an digital agency
image of people working in an digital agency
image of people working in an digital agency
image of people working in an digital agency
image of people working in an digital agency
image of people working in an digital agency

Our mission

We strive to simplify daily life for individuals and organizations through impactful digital solutions. Our mission is to contribute to an eSociety, where the benefits of digitalization are accessible to everyone.

This is what we as part of the ]init[ Group stand for


Listen beyond words

Digital solutions are only successful in the long term if they bring real benefits to people. That's why we listen carefully to the clients and their target groups. This is the only way to create innovations that appeal to everyone.


Speak with heart and mind

Our processes and solutions are transparent and comprehensible. We not only understand our work but also share our knowledge with clients and within our teams.


Simply make it happen

We put strong concepts into practice. Because we know the complex requirements of our clients, we think practically. Because our common goal is our top priority.


Master the change

Digital change is fast-moving and presents our clients with challenges. That's why we work in an agile manner and constantly adapt our solutions. With our open approaches, we can quickly change direction and respond to change.


Think and create bold

Our goal is simple solutions for complex problems. To achieve this, we think outside the box. This is how we create innovations that suit our clients and make life in our society easier.

Managing Director

Manuela Lorber, Managing Director, ]init[ DCP

Manuela Lorber

Managing Director, ]init[ DCP

Manuela Lorber

Managing Director, ]init[ DCP

Meet ]init[ DCP Managing Director Manuela Lorber, a driving agile force since 2020 at ]init[, initially leading teams as a Product Owner. With a proven track record of successfully founded agile teams at ]init[, she manages now the agile hub in Porto. As an experienced agile coach Manuela promotes transparency, collaboration and openness in the team.

About our parent company ]init[ AG in Germany

]init[ AG is the leading expert for digitalization in the public sector and regulated sectors in Gemany. Founded in 1995, the company employs around 1.400 people in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich and Mainz. The company offers simple and sustainable solutions through a holistic approach to digitalization, from consulting and design to development and operation.

Subsidiaries of ]init[ AG - besides ]init[ DCP are polidia, which specializes in digital citizen participation, the political planning company Agendo (German only) and the Swiss company Ironforge Consulting AG.

Clients of ]init[ Group